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Keep it Simple... File/Folder Compare the way it should be done!

UltraCompare Professional is a powerful compare/merge application loaded with features to enable users to track differences between files, directories, and .zip archives! File Compare features include text and binary compare of two or three files at a time and users can merge differences between compared files.

Folder Compare supports comparison of local/network directories (and subdirectories with recursive compare) and .zip archives as well and users may merge differences between them. With automatic integration with UltraEdit-32 or UEStudio '05, UltraCompare Professional is a tool no user should be without!

What Can UltraCompare do for you?

Chances are if you're reading this you already use UltraEdit, but you probably don't have UltraCompare Professional yet. Some users may not realize how important such a tool is or how versatile it can be.

Text Editing: Do you work with text files and ever lose your place or forget which is the most current file? Ever wonder what the differences are between file versions?

Programming: Have you ever changed source code file or an html file and suddenly found you've corrupted it somehow -- but are unsure how? Would you like to be able to compare the file against a prior known working version to identify the new changes that could be at fault? Whether you are a lone developer or work as part of a team, how many times have you wanted to compare your files to modified versions or merge your changes into the newer versions?

System Administration: We all know to make backups - but what happens when something goes wrong and you need to compare your legacy backup with your current backup? That's where a compare/merge/sync tool comes in.

Remote Files: Do you work with remote files that you need to compare? Use FTP/SFTP to download your remote files, perform compare/merge operations, then save your files back to the server.

Everyday use: How many times have all of us downloaded a software update or file and wondered what's changed since the last release or version?

I bought a kit to make my 4200RPM drive an external USB 2.0 drive....when copying large files from the internal drive to the external drive - Windows XP Pro gets a write behind error and aborts the copy. ARRRGGGHHH. ...I did not trust the copies and was trying to figure a way to verify that data on the external disk was good. Then it came to mind - UltraCompare!!

...THANK YOU for another great product.

- William C.

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